CA PPM Resource Management

Identifying and assigning the right people at the right time to the right project will have a direct bearing on your competitive edge and ultimately your bottom line.

CA PPM provides you with the tools to ensure that work is assigned to the most appropriate individuals, taking account of their experience, skills and existing and planned assignments, allowing effective resource management.

CA PPM Resource Management

The toolset enables you to understand and balance the current and planned demands on your workforce against your capacity to deliver.

It enables you to respond to unplanned opportunities, by carrying out “what if” scenarios to understand the impact of diverting resources from planned activities.

Being able to evaluate the ever-shifting and competing demands on your workface is key to ensuring resources are focused on those projects which are aligned to your business goals and priorities. CA PPM ensures that your resources stay focussed on the most valuable business opportunities.

CA PPM features

CA PPM Case Studies

A collection of CA PPM case studies and Data Sheets are available that describe real-world benefits of using CA PPM for corporate giants such as Sky, Qantas and Toyota.

Case Studies and Data Sheets