CA PPM Financial Management

CA PPM helps you manage the costs and revenues associated with your projects, services and other initiatives.

Regardless of where your project costs originate from – accounts payable, timesheets or other expense entry mechanisms – CA PPM will capture, aggregate and account for them. It also enables you to separate capitalised expenditure from operating expenditure for appropriate financial reporting.

CA PPM Financial Management

Example Project Cost Plan by Cost Type and Transaction Class.

CA PPM provides chargeback functionality to allow transactions from your internally funded projects to be allocated across different business units and departments, providing appropriate and transparent distribution of costs.

CA PPM allows you to define costs and billing rates – for labour, expenses, materials and equipment – which allow for different rate rules by project, client, internal organization and more. Rates can be defined for multiple currencies.

A wide range of reports are available to give you the insight as to where and how costs are being incurred and to quickly identify areas of potential cost over-runs.

CA PPM features

CA PPM Case Studies

A collection of CA PPM case studies and Data Sheets are available that describe real-world benefits of using CA PPM for corporate giants such as Sky, Qantas and Toyota.

Case Studies and Data Sheets